UK Tax Returns

Even if a person or entity is non-UK resident for tax purposes, there are reporting obligations where income is received from UK sources, such as property in the UK, pensions, bank interest and so on.  We can assist with completion of the necessary paperwork to ensure compliance with the rules and to avoid hefty penalties and interest arising.

If you already have a problem with non-submission of tax returns for earlier years, we can help you bring your affairs up to date.  If you have complex affairs, there are disclosure facilities available which we can use to let HMRC know about earlier tax charges that have arisen.

Case Studies

Mrs Russell left the UK in 2012 and moved to Australia.  She has been there ever since and has only come back to the UK twice.  However, she retained her UK property as an investment and has rented it out each year.

She sent us a letter received from HMRC for over £5,000 in penalties for non-submission of tax returns.  She didn’t realise that because she was renting the property out HMRC required tax returns for each year since she left.  She contacted us and provided us with the relevant information and we prepared the missing tax returns.  There was no tax due (as the profit was less than her personal allowance) but the penalties were still an issue.  We appealed the penalties and had some success in mitigating part of the penalties.

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